Kim Hin Ceramics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of the Kim Hin Industry Group and was established in 1992, covering an area of 266800 square meters. We are spe-
cialized in the industry of ceramics, providing a wide range of porcelain and ceramic floor tiles and wall tiles with the annual production capacity of 4 million square meters.

We produce 200 x 200mm, 200 x 300mm, 200 x 400mm ,300 x 600mm & 100 x 300mm pressed non-rectified single fired wall tiles. Sizes for floors are 300 x 300mm, 330 x 330mm,
400 x 400mm, 450 x 450mm, 500 x 500mm, 600 x 600mm & 300 x 600mm pressed non-rectified floors. We produce mainly contemporary colors for Australia and North America.
You can rest assured our quality & we are fully responsible for our products, no sizing problem with the automatic machine to sort out the calibers automatically.

We got ISO9002:1994 quality management system certification in November, 1997 and successfully converted toISO9001:2000 certification in 2000. We have been successively
awarded with "China Grade-1 Management Company", "Shanghai Grade 1 Export Company with Exemption Inspection", "Green Material Certification",Japan "quality approved
certification for imported building material".